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Born in Ocean Side, California in 1998, Moe Lewis lived in Stafford, Virginia from 2003 to 2021 until he moved to southern Maine early in the year.


He's had a long history of work in the arts. In the past, he’s worked as a volunteer mural painter, an intern at an art studio called the Artist’s Cradle, an assistant for graphic designer and entrepreneur Jay Kaslo, a Chinese painting teacher’s assistant at GMU's now defunct Confucius Institute, a Textile Area Manager at GMU's MIX, and a K-12 art teacher.


Despite being an adult in the eye of the law, Moe spends most of his free time watching cartoons and animations online while drawing, writing comics, preserving/growing a variety of plants, or engaging in various crafts such as resin pouring, sculpting, or knitting. He works with a multitude of mediums, oftentimes with the motifs of animals, plants, the Self, and/or mental illness. He draws a great amount of inspiration from the animated media he watches, as well as creators such as Maxwell Atoms, Jonni Phillips,  Jhonen Vasquez, Craig McCraken, Worthiikids, and John R. Dilsworth.

With his work, he hopes to engage both himself and those around him in conversation about life and what that experience is for each of us. 

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